In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's difficult to maintain your creativity when preparing recipes for dinner. And that's why I've separated 10 ideas for you to add to your menu and vary a lot in the preparations. Finally, preparing a homemade meal is not always a simple task, whether due to lack of time or even creativity. Therefore, it is necessary to know recipes for dinner that will facilitate this moment of your day!

Regardless of the dish you are looking for, elaborated, vegetarian, vegan, romantic, light or fast, you can find very tasty options. Check out these delights!

1. Recipes For Dinner With Stuffed Mushrooms:

Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a high protein food, so they go very well with dinner. Here, the chosen version of the fungus is Paris, or champignon, as it is also known. The filling is made up of a combination of grated Parmesan cheese with various spices. And the cool thing is that in approximately 15 minutes your dish will be ready for consumption!

2. Recipes For Dinner by Bruschetta:


Bruschetta is one of the superclassic recipes for dinner and can go down well with a more casual and quick dinner. Here, Italian bread is topped with cheese and tomatoes. The ingredients are simple and time in the kitchen is short, but the taste is divine, you bet!

3. Chicken and Rice Dumpling Recipes For Dinner:

Chicken and Rice Dumpling

Another option of recipes for dinner for those who want a quick dinner that is not full of calories is this cookie recipe made with a combination of rice, chicken and oatmeal.

Besides, this is a great option not to waste that rice left over from lunch, which is great, isn't it? Because in addition to reusing food, you'll still have a dish with a new taste for your evening meal.

4. Chickpea Salad:

Chickpea Salad

This is a super-colored chickpea salad recipe, as it also includes carrots, zucchini and peas. In addition, several spices come into play to make the taste even better. And the cool thing is that you can choose to serve the dish hot or cold!

5. Pork Ribs and Chutney For Dinner Recipes:

Pork Ribs and Chutney

Pork ribs are all good, aren't they? But to make your dinner even more special, the tip is to use an apple chutney as a complement. Pork goes very well with sweet items, so this can be a great option for a romantic meal.

6. Escalope in wood sauce:

Escalope in wood sauce

Filet mignon and Madeira sauce combine very well! To make it even better, here you learn how to make this sauce at home. This way, your dinner will be healthier and will have a touch of love throughout the preparation!

7. Shimeji's Hidden:

Shimeji's Hidden

This is a recipe in which the Escondidinho is made with a puree of manioc and uses shimeji in the filling. Some tips are given to make your dish tastier, like making a mushroom sauce, for example. The result is a creamy filling and a crispy crust.

8. Recipes For Dinner from Risotto à Piedmontese:

Risotto à Piedmontese

This is an extremely simple risotto recipe that has a creamy texture. Here, arboreal rice is combined with mushrooms, white wine, vegetable stock, onion, fresh cream, Parmesan cheese, green scent and butter. It is a simple option of the dish, but it is very successful!

9. Caesar Salad:

Caesar Salad

If you want to prepare a dish without mistakes, resorting to classics is a great option! Caesar salad is famous around the world and it doesn't happen for nothing, as its flavor is amazing. The recipe consists of lettuce, croutons, grated Parmesan cheese and a special sauce, made with mayonnaise, dijon mustard, Sicilian lemon, garlic, olive oil and parmesan cheese.

10. Terrine caprese:

This is a terrine recipe that has four different layers. The first one with basil and olive oil, the second one with mozzarella whey with a sheet of hydrated gelatin, the third one with tomatoes and the last one with gelatine with lemon juice. The step by step is not the simplest, but you will get a charming dish with a special taste.

11. Cheese Souffle Recipes For Dinner:

The souffle is a light dish and it goes very well on several occasions, isn't it? And this is no different from a romantic dinner! Here, the main ingredient used is fresh goat cheese, adding a touch of sophistication to your evening.

12. Roasted rump steak with garlic and herbs:

The rump steak is a cut of meat that is a great success among the most varied palates, isn't it? Therefore, it is a great choice for a special dinner. Here, a garlic, spice and herb paste comes into play to add an extra touch of flavor to your dish and make the meal much more delicious.

13. Whole baked fish:

Roasting a whole fish can be a great option for those looking for a healthy option and at the same time succulent. In addition, here, the suggestion is to use ingredients such as tomato, rosemary, thyme, basil, garlic, salt and lemon to make the meat taste even better.

14. Recipes For Dinner of Asparagus with Parma Ham:

If you want to prepare a dish that is sophisticated and at the same time has a simple step by step, this recipe can be an excellent choice. Here, the asparagus is wrapped in parma ham and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt and pepper. After that, you just need to put everything in the oven and wait 5 minutes to serve.

15. Gnocchi with cheese and mushroom:

The most common gnocchi is made with potatoes, but in this recipe you learn to make a version of the pasta with parsley. In addition, a cream cheese grana padano or parmesan cheese with shitake enters the scene to make your meal even more succulent.

16. Ragu Bolognese:

Ragu is a very creamy sauce made with meat and tomatoes, the Bolognese version being the most traditional. To test this recipe at home, you can use knife-sliced ​​or ground rump. Serve this sauce with polenta, pasta or whatever you prefer, the variety is immense!

17. Recipes For Dinner of Salmon with Chestnuts:

Salmon itself is a delicious fish, but have you ever considered using crushed nuts to enhance its flavor? This is the purpose of this recipe, which is ready in just a few minutes, but can make your dish much more delicious.