Cake Fillings

You know how to make cake dough, but the problem is to choose different fillings and toppings that will increase your recipe. Sometimes you just want to change or be daring, use dulce de leche in carrot cake, or pineapple in coconut cake. That's why I selected 29 options of delicious filling cakes to suit all tastes! Ideas and suggestions are not lacking, so choose your favorite and already put the recipe into practice.


1. Cranberry and cream cheese:


Suntanned on the outside and with a vibrant color on the inside, blackberries make any dish prettier. Here, with its flavor combined with that of cream cheese, it gets lighter. Use this filling for cakes with a citrus touch, such as lemon.


2. Pineapple with coconut:


Stamp stamped at children's parties in the 1980s, and presented here in a vegan version, this pineapple and coconut filling is very quick to make. The caramelized pineapple pieces make all the difference in each piece.


3. Passion Fruit Cake Fillings:


From the most elaborate to the most basic recipes, the passion fruit filling is really a classic for birthday parties. The consistency is so good that you can use it to stuff easter eggs and chocolates, for example.


4. Raspberry:

This raspberry compote serves as a filling for cakes and pies, and it tastes so, so delicious, it can be used to top your toast, waffle, or pancake for breakfast. Stored correctly, lasts up to 15 days in the refrigerator.


5. Strawberry with white chocolate:


Full-bodied and creamy, this filling turns pink, and with strawberries on top, it makes a great presentation. Along with the naked cake, serve a syrup to make the cake moist and even more delicious.


6. Strawberry Cake Fillings with dulce de leche:


This other cake received a delicious filling of dulce de leche (can be made with boiled condensed milk) with whipped cream and strawberry. The light tart of the strawberry and the whipped cream are responsible for leaving the sweet flavor well balanced.


7. Coconut:


Here, you learn how to prepare a coconut filling that is super creamy and delicious. To make it, you'll just need condensed milk, heavy cream, water, grated coconut, cornstarch and chilled whipped cream.


8. Plum:


Plum jam has, in its composition, cinnamon, powdered ginger and nutmeg. The combination of spices with port wine gives a very special flavor to the filling, in addition to leaving your kitchen fragrant. Add orange zest for a special touch.


9. Coconut Caramel:


Very creamy, this filling is perfect for those who want a delicious cake and not too sweet. If you like it, add some grated coconut to the mixture. Wait for it to cool and then freeze, then fill the cake.


10. Peach Cake Fillings:


Peach is also a party rice, stamp stamped on birthday cakes. This filling is made with peach in syrup, which you can also use to decorate and topping, along with a thick layer of whipped cream.


11. Pineapple and dulce de leche:


The traditional pineapple cream, but this option is made separately. To improve what is already good, a special dose of dulce de leche. The pineapple sorrel balances the sweet taste.


12. Condensed coconut milk:


Super simple to prepare, for this filling you only need coconut milk and brown sugar. The longer you spend on fire, the creamier it gets. And it has a beautiful color, like a clear milk candy.


13. Plums and dulce de leche:


Wonderful, to impress with this filling you only need chopped prunes, dulce de leche (cooked condensed milk) and sour cream. If you want, you can add some grated coconut, which goes really well!


14. Nest Milk Mousse


Milk nest has already become a confectionery classic, and this super creamy version of mousse will definitely win your heart. The frosting also has nest milk: the perfect combo for those who love the ingredient. 


15. Chocolate Mousse


If you are a fan of chocolate sweets, this is the perfect recipe. In this cake we use two different fillings: milk chocolate mousse and dark chocolate mousse. 


16. Coconut Chocolate Cake Fillings


The classic combination of chocolate and coconut never fails! The secret to the perfect prestige cake is to make two layers of filling, as we teach in the recipe. One coconut and one chocolate ganache. How can it go wrong?


17. Salted Caramel:


Few fillings are as delicious and unique as this version of salted caramel cream. The filling flavor also combines very well with caramelized fruits such as banana and pear 


18. Raw Cookie Folder:


To make this paste, you'll need coconut butter, soaked and drained cashews, bananas, vanilla, and dark and vegan chocolate chips. It is very creamy and goes in the oven with the cake dough, to facilitate the process.


19. Lactose-free Chocolate sweet:


Lactose-free, this chocolate sweet is very similar to the more traditional way of making the candy, except with the substitutions, of course. In this case, condensed milk from coconut milk, chocolate 70% cocoa without milk and green banana biomass were used.


20. Lactose-free vanilla cream:


A cream that you make quickly, and it has no secrets. Just dissolve cornstarch in milk. Then place in a pan and add sugar, yolk and vanilla essence (or extract). Heat until thickened. That simple.


21. Lactose-free Lemon Cream Cake Fillings:


The differential of this recipe is the use of rice milk. Along with rice cream, demerara sugar and lemon juice and zest, this cream is very light, perfect for red fruit recipes.


22. Bergamot Schimier:


Schimier is a sweet in paste, very creamy. In this lactose-free version, it was made with bergamot (also known as tangerine ponkan). In addition to serving as fillings, the schimier can also be consumed as a jelly or spoonful.


23. White Ganache:


Famous for being in Red Velvet, the velvet cake, delicious and with contrasting colors: red of the cake and white of the filling, this ganache can be considered a relative of buttercream (butter cream), as it only needs cream cheese, butter and sugar to get it ready.


24. Chocolate cashew nut ganache:


Write it down: this recipe is lactose-free, egg-free and gluten-free, so you can serve all guests, even those with dietary restrictions. You can also vary and replace the cashew nut with Brazil nut.


25. Ganache and Pistachio Ganache Cake Fillings:


Here, you learn to make two ganaches – one with walnut paste and the other with pistachios. It is delicious and very easy to make. The base is made only with white chocolate and cream. As for the pastes, just crush the oilseeds with a little coconut fat.


26. Chocolate ganache with green banana biomass:


Lactose-free, this ganache made with green banana biomass leaves nothing to be desired compared to the traditional one. It is shiny and has a great texture. So in addition to being used as a filling, it can also appear in the topping.


27. Raspberry Ganache:


This ganache is very simple to make, tasty and has a beautiful color! To prepare, have the following ingredients on hand: raspberries, sugar, white chocolate, cream and blackberry powder.


28. Chocolate Ganache:


The most basic filling and topping recipe there is! Two ingredients and a wonderful, finger-licking result: hot cream, which dissolves chunks of chocolate. Simple and delicious!


29. Marshmallow Cake Fillings


Yes, it is possible to make a nut cake! The secret is in the marshmallow point, which needs to be very creamy and light.